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This tour is best way to quickly get a feel for life on a farm. This is also a good educational tour for the entire family to make them understand what it takes to grow their food. You'll take a guided walking tour around the farm where you will be able to get out in the fields and learn about the various activities in the farm. You will see how fruits & vegetables grow. You also get a chance to familiarize yourself with a wide variety of fruit plants in the farm and utilize the opportunity to pluck and enjoy the fruits, according to what's in season. This tour lasts 1.5-2 hours. Get to learn about different farming/organic farming techniques like beekeeping, vermicomposting, rainwater harvesting, greywater filtering, multicropping, nitrogen fixing, crop-rotation, intercropping, drip irrigation, etc. Also get an opportunity to pet and feed the farm animals like cows & calves, sheep and goats, chicken, climb a tree or two and/or dirty your hands by participating in some farming activities.

By now you will be hungry, lunch will be served which is traditional rural vegetarian Karnataka cuisine. Farm fresh food completes the "farm experience".

Post lunch, challenge your friends and family to a game of Pagade, Chouka Bara, Lagori, Al-guli-mane and many other traditional rural outdoor games. If this gets very tiring, you can indulge in modern sports like badminton or cycling.

We can also organize a pottery session at a nominal cost, after which the guests can take back their creations as a momento.

This is also a great option for family get togethers from morning to evening. 

 You will be walking in the fields, so remember to wear shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Also don't underestimate Bangalore traffic and plan to get to the farm very early, so you can make best use of your visit.

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