You can go around approximately 2kms circumference of the farm negotiating the undulating terrain on a bicycle.

In the vicinity of the farm there are quite a few bird watching opportunities, that can be explored either by car or bicycle. It can be converted to a day of physical activity, followed by bird watching and a picnic and then the long cycle ride back home. It is amazing what you can find just 50 kms away from Bangalore. You will be transferred into a totally different setup and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chiguru Farm is also in the center of what is known as "Kenneth Anderson Trail" for long cycling/bike tours. (Note: Kenneth Anderson was an Indian-born, British writer and hunter who wrote books about his adventures in the jungles around Bengaluru. He is the "Jim Corbett" of Bengaluru). You can do weekend trails covering places like Thattekere, Ravutanahalla Kere, Hunasanahalli, Jawalagiri, Anchetty, Denkanikottai, Thally, Gummalapura, and Muthyala Maduvu (Pearl Valley) with an overnight stop over at Chiguru Farm. (You can read one such travelogue at )


   Thattekere is a lake situated around 22 km from the farm, on the Maralwadi to Anekal road. This lake offer solitude along with opportunities to watch a wide variety of birds and also practise your photography skills. It is ideal for a family picnic. This can be attempted as a day outing on a cycle. Leave early in the morning, pack a breakfast and lunch and return back in the evening. The other option is to do this by car/bike, in the early evening, so you can watch the birds as they come home to nest.


Thally is a small town in Tamil Nadu, which is 12 kms from the farm. There are a set of stone hills around Thally that can be explored along with the beautiful Thally lake on the outskirts of the town. This would be an ideal cycling option for the physically active.

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