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Desi cows are integral part of an organic/natural farm. While it helps in sustainability in various forms, it also offers us with an opportunity to be involved in the noble cause of Gow Seva. With this in mind, we hava Desi Gow Shala at Chiguru Farm. We have breeds like Hallikar, Devani, Malnad Gidda and Gir. We follow completely ethical ways of rearing cows. These include free grazing, no outside/artificial feed, priority of milk to the calf, no artificial insemination, no abandoning of old cows and no selling of male calves/bulls to butchers. 

Having said this, it is not always economically sustainable for a farmer to keep the cows. It involves significant cost of growing their feed as well as the labor cost of keeping them and maintaining the cowshed. Therefore we call upon people who have deep desire to be involved in Gow Seva, but not able to do it on their own for different reasons. People have the following options:

1) Sponsor a cow for a year @Rs. 10,000/-

2) Sponsor a cow for 3 months @Rs. 2,500/-

The sponsors will have the option to visit the farm with family once a quarter to spend a day in the farm and check out the cow sponsored by them. We will serve free lunch during such visits.

Please get in touch with us for more details.

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