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Chiguru Farm is far enough from Bangalore that the night sky is unpolluted by city lights, this results in a very dark sky, that aid star gazers. Watching the dark sky on a moonless night is a sight to remember, and we city folks has lost the ability to enjoy the night sky.  How often have you looked at the night sky and wondered about the glow of the milky way galaxy, did you see both Venus and Jupiter next to the moon in late 2015.  How much of the children's interest has been satiated by actually watching the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. Have you stayed up late to watch the leonid showers or to watch the International Space Station, glide over the face of the Full Moon.

At Chiguru Farm, we are looking to provide an avenue for everyone to experience the night sky like never before. We conduct special tours around celestial events, that will require planning and reservation as we get specialists in the subject along with specialized high-end equipments for the same. On other days, you can peer through the simple telescope that we have and watch the cosmos in action.

We conducted our first-ever star-gazing event  on 5th Nov 2016, conducted by experienced star-gazers using state-of-the-art equipments. Guests had the opportunity to take a close look at the heavenly objects like Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and of course the Moon! We also had opportunity to view Andromeda Galaxy and some Nebulas. All in the serene environments of Chiguru Farm. A fun-filled learning event for kids and adults alike who stayed awake most part of the night! (compensated by sleeping during the day). 
Guests also experienced the farm stay in an organic farm, surrounded by birds and farm animals. 

Subsequently we have successfully conducted many more such events in the farm, with more than 500 people having participated in them till the end of 2018.

Further such events will be published as and when planned.

We can also organize star-gazing events exclusively for groups of people.

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