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Being  located on the edge of the Bilikal forest has its advantages. all around the farm, you can see rolling hills filled with greenery. For the active minded, there are options for trekking and this can be customized to the group's fitness levels. Once you reach the top of the hill, there are open spaces for a nice picnic.

Please do ensure you do not leave any garbage on the hilltop and keep the noise levels down.

  • The most popular is the morning trek, which covers 8 km and takes about 3 hours. This can be attempted by kids as small as 6 years. You can pack light breakfast for when you get to the top.
  • On request full day treks can be organized to the villages situated  on the top of these hills, you will be walking in hip high dry grass and  in the shade of the trees, you can enjoy the sunshine when you cross over the hills

These require advance notice, as they need forest department permissions and local guides will accompany the group. FOR YOUR SAFETY we recommend wearing comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty and long pants to protect your legs, shorts are perfectly fine if the long grass is not a concern. Please avoid wearing sandals/flip-flops, open-toed shoes or high heels.

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