Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is special about Chiguru Farm?
    • EVERYTHING!!! Chiguru Farm is a 25-acres, fully-functional organic farm with focus on varieties of horticultural crops with more than 35 different types of fruit trees. Ours is based on experiential tourism concept.
    • This is a place for people who want one or more of the following:
      • Learn about organic farming
      • Volunteer in organic farming activities
      • What does it take to grow your own food
      • Pluck and taste seasonal fruits directly from the tree
      • Feed the farm animals like cows & calves, goats, sheep, chicken and pups/dogs.
      • Climb a tree or two and experience how does it feel from top.
      • Eat food prepared mostly with fresh ingredients grown/prepared in the farm
      • Learn about/Experience sustainable living
      • Play local/rural/traditional games, many of which are forgotten
      • Sit in a cosy, silent corner and read a book
      • Brainstorm sitting under a tree with a small team
      • Feel the fresh air and enjoy nature
      • Watch and listen to the birds
      • Gaze the night sky with moon and/or stars without the disturbance of city lights
      • Roast things like cashew, jackfruit seeds, pineapple, corn, sweet potato, baby corn, etc in the camp fire and feel the different taste(during non-summer days only)
      • Go on long walks in and outside the farm. 
      • Explore the local villages, interact with the villagers
      • Or just spend time in solitude doing NOTHING!!!
  • What are the options for visiting the farm?

                            Day visits for education/learning, or to spend time with family in nature

                            School trips focused on organic farming

                            Farm camping for school children

                            Family get-together/birthday celebrations for a day or overnight

                            Work from farm

                            Unique and exclusive Overnight stays 

                            Star Gazing (specific scheduled events during season)

                            Conduct Yoga Events

  • What are the facilities in your rooms for stay?

                           Read details here  

  • Where is this located?
    • Chiguru Farm is in Kanakapura Taluk in Ramanagara District, not very far from Bangalore. It is close to the border of Tamil Nadu. You can reach either from Hosur Road via Anekal/Attibele or from Kanakapura Road via Harohalli/Maralawadi.
  • How far is this place from Bangalore?
    • Depending on your location in Bangalore, it is 50 to 80kms and it takes 90-120 minutes to reach Chiguru Farm from Bangalore. Remember that you will spend most of your time to get out of the city. Wherever there is an option, it is better to take the NICE Road to get out of the city.
  • How good are the roads?
    • Roads are very good as it is next to a state highway (connecting Harohalli to Hunasanahalli). 
  • What do you mean when you say that you are NOT a RESORT?
  • ​​Do you have a swimming pool?
    • No. We don't even intend to have one!
  • Do you have A/C in the rooms?
    • No. Honestly, we have not had any reason to install A/C in the rooms. The adobe blocks made from the local soil keep the interiors cool even during hot summers. Just a fan is sufficient to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Can we bring our own food?
    • Probably you can as long as it is vegetarian, but the there is no change in the prices. We are not a hotel, a resort or a restaurant. What we offer is a unique EXPERIENCE, which is enhanced by eating the food cooked at the farm.
  • Can we bring beer and/or other alcoholic drinks?
    • Chiguru Farm is a "No Alcohol" place.
  • What kind of food do you serve?
    • We serve local/traditional/rural vegetarian specialities. For example, typical breakfast includes things like Thatte Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Kesaribath, Upma, Poha(Avalakki), etc. Typical lunch includes things like Akki Rotti, Ragi Rotti, Ragi Mudde with Bassaru, Sweet/Khara Kadubu, Bisibele Bath, Tomato Bath, Puliyogare, Obbottu/Holige, Gasgase Payasa, etc. Our food is not very spicy and can be customized for spice level and exclusion of onion/garlic with prior request.
  • What about mosquitoes/insects?
    There are hardly any mosquitoes in the farm although there could be a few at dusk. There could/should be other insects in the farm, but the rooms are well isolated from them with mesh on the windows.
  • Are you willing to host corporate outings/events?
               Yes, provided the FAQs in this page are read and accepted.
  • What about safety?
    • Chiguru Farm is surrounded by solar electric fence. But being on the edge of Bannerghatta National Park and next to the elephant corridor, there are possibilities of encountering elephants and other wild elephants on the way. Elephants, once in a while have strayed into the farm by breaking the fence, but not affected any human beings. However it is advisable to be voluntarily cautious when you are staying overnight. In general, being a natural space, there could be occasional honeybees, snakes, lizards, mongoose, etc spotted in the farm, and we shall let them be on their own without disturbing them.

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