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More about our rooms:

We have a total of 3 rooms. 
Two of them are organized in an L-shape with one bathroom in the corner, with entry from both the rooms. These rooms work like a 2-bedroom house or a suite, ideal for a family group of upto 10 people. One of these rooms has a mezzanine floor with one double-bed on the ground floor and another double-bed on the mezzanine. The other room has one double-bed. All the rooms are large enough to accommodate a few extra mattresses on the ground.
The 3rd room is a standalone room again with a mezzanine floor and 2 double beds. There is a separate dedicated bathroom for this too, but you have to exit the room to enter the bathroom.


- Two double beds in 2 rooms and one double bed in 1 room. Extra mattresses available if required.

- Bathroom attached to 2 rooms placed in L-shape. Other room has bathroom access from outside.

- All the bathrooms have western commode.

- Shower and bucket-bath facility with 24-hours hot water (through solar geyser) 

- 24-hours power supply through Solar electricity and UPS

- Emergency rechargeable and portable lights in the rooms

- Bedside chests with reading lights

- One storage chest, Two chairs and one round table in each room

- Coat/clothes hanger

- Filtered drinking water

- Compimentary tea/coffee whenever requested.

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